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Coupon Manager
Customer Loyalty, Redemption & Insights Toolkit
Create, Configure, Distribute and Track your mobile coupons. Activity-based Loyalty Points Redemption Dashboard & Rewards Recommendation Engine. Attract new customers and Make your existing customers more loyal to your brand. More the loyalty, More the sales.
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Five Ways Retailers can Benefit from Customer Insights

Customer insights till now has either been examined through analytics or statistics. Analytics is roughly, the results of aggregating and summarizing disparate data into figures that you can use to make better decisions about your business. Whereas statistics is all about identifying trends over a period of time and compiling them. At the end of such customer data, one is left a question, “So, what do I do now?
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The Fault in Dunkin’ Donuts’ Loyalty Program & How they can fix it

You are a major brand with a firm customer base with revenue tipping your bank vaults. What could possibly go wrong? Taking things for granted isn’t just a death wish for relationships, it works the same way with customers as well. Consider this, a Loyal Customer went to a Dunkin’ Donuts store, bought some donuts and asked about the reward points system that the store followed.
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EATB is using Conference & Abstract Management System

European Association of Tissue Banks (EATB) is hosting its Conference & Abstracts submissions online using a customized version of Conference & Abstract Management System.
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Southampton Univ is using Conference & Abstract Management System

A faculty from Southampton University has contacted us about using Conference & Abstract Management System for hosting the UK Turbulence Consortium workshop 2014. The UK Turbulence Consortium first came into being in 1995 under the leadership of Professor Neil Sandham, University of Southampton.
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