Android app for obituary manager

Customized Android app for your Obituary Listings and Trbiutes website.


Obituary Main/Landing Page

Has tabs for Obituaries, Funeral Centres and Add an Obituary.

Obituaries Listing
Obituaries Listing

Obituary Listings

along with sort by filters for date, name and age.

Obituaries Detail
Obituaries Detail

Obituary Detail Layout

All the details about the obituary including but not limited to Person's details, Date or birth, Date of Death, Images slideshow, Video, Audio, Condolences, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube URLs.

App Screenshots
screenshot-1 screenshot-2 screenshot-3

Purchase the app and email your custom requirements to brandize your app.

We will customize the app including layouts, logo, buttons and any other specific requirements.

The Customized Android app will be delivered the next day or so based on amount of customization required.

Android app for Obituary manager

Customized Android app for your Obituary listings and Tributes website.

Features and Functionality

  • Main/Landing Page with Tabs for Obituaries, Funeral Centres and Add an Obituary.
  • Obituaries Listings
  • Obituary Detail page
  • Images slideshow
  • Video for Obituary
  • Audio
  • Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Reference links to Obituary
  • Condolences page with Leave your Condolence button
  • Add an Obituary button to let users add obituaries from their Android phone
  • Share the Love button to let users share link to obituaries


"I am the owner of a large Tributes portal running on Joomla and using Obituary component to manage all the obituaries. Just recently I came to know about this Android app for Obituaries. I asked Irshad about whether I should go for it now or later. Obviously, he is the authority on everything Joomla, and now Android, so I listen to him about his views and suggestions. He said time is ripe for website owners to make their presence among mobile users and with Android cracking up great numbers, it's high time I have an Android app for my tributes site. The decision has been made. I purchased the app. Got it customized and in no time, it's up and running. The user visits and activities have almost doubled and I am now planning to channelize the app to generate some revenue. The app in itself is running awesome with so many interactive features. Most of them, I love the fact that users can add obituaries right form their phone and leave condolences for obituaries. Very happy!"


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