Customer Loyalty Kit for Retailers.

Attract new customers and Make existing customers loyal by offering targeted coupons and activity based reward points using our tools including Digital Loyalty Cards, Mobile Redemption & Recommendation Apps.

Rewards Recommendation

Intuitive Dashboard

Create, Distribute, Track & Redeem your digital / printable coupons. Send coupons and offers to your prospective customers through multi-channel distribution system. Let each of your franchisee manage its own offers and deals.

Rewards Recommendation

Rewards Recommendation

Create better and more lucrative offers using our Rewards Recommendation Engine which recommends offers based on regular social data analysis of your customers' likes and dislikes, age group, demographics and interests.

Mobile Engagement

Mobile Engagement

Send coupons, offers and digital loyalty cards to iPhone users' Passbook. User Dashboard to manage their previous and current purchases.

Affinity360 is the Customer Loyalty, Rewards & Analytics kit for SMEs to create coupons, rewards and loyalty programs and attract new customers while keeping existing customers loyal with targeted offers and deals.

Franchisee Dashboard

Let each of your franchisee manage its own offers and deals. This also gives you the flexibility to overlap your offers for all of your franchisees.

Activity based Loyalty Program

Points for activities viz. Window shopping in store, Purchasing, Referring a friend, Sharing a coupon, Liking FB posts, Mentioning on Twitter, Incentivize email address opt-in, Sharing to Instagram, Checking in on Facebook or Foursquare and much more.

User Dashboard

User Dashboard for customers to manage their previous and current purchases, print copies of the deals they purchased and share them with their friends.

Apple Passbook integration

iPhone has an app called Passbook to store all the coupons, offers, tickets and loyalty cards. Using Coupon Manager, you can send coupons and digital loyalty cards to iPhone users and let them save them in their Passbook app.

Rewards Recommendations

Create better and more lucrative offers using our Rewards Recommendation Engine which recommends offers based on regular social data analysis of your customers' likes and dislikes, age group, demographics and interests.

Create coupons and offers

Create, Track, Analyze & Redeem your digital / printable coupons with utmost creative freedom. Add your own logo to the coupons, add name of the customer on the coupon, unique voucher ID for each coupon.

Track & Analyze social data

Track customers' history of likes and dislikes, their age group, their location, their friends and other related social data to come up with more targeted offers.

Coupons & Points Redemption

Franchisee can redeem coupons from customers and also prevent fraud by matching up the coupon's unique ID with the Redemption system.

Digital Loyalty Cards

Create Digital Loyalty cards for your customers and spare them the horror of carrying innumerable plastic cards. Customers can store these digital loyalty cards in their iPhone's Passbook.

  • Load coupons from the app/website on to the card
  • User dashboard to update profile & check points collected
  • Multi-Channel Distribution to websites and smartphone apps
  • Seamless integration with POS
  • Free software Updates
  • Dedicated on-site support
  • Tech Staff Training
  • Emergency Data Backups
  • Secure, Hack-proof

Digital Loyalty Cards

Plastics are passé. Get your customers the Digital Loyalty Cards.

Apple Passbook Integration

Digital Loyalty Cards are emailed and user can save it to their iPhone's Passbook and Google Wallets.

Load Coupons and Loyalty Points

Customers can log in to the loyalty program dashboard and load coupons and loyalty points to the Digital Loyalty Card.

Mobile Dashboard for customers

Access consumers no matter where they go with a mobile loyalty program in real time with engagement on the go...

Receipt Scanning

Customers can manage points and coupons, Browse stores and products.

Mobile Actions

Reward check-ins, instagram uploads, QR scans and social sharing. Gain consumer insights with receipt scanning


Increase in-store traffic. Leverage location based marketing with geo-fencing, geo-targeting, SMS and push notifications.

Activity Based Rewards

Reward customers for actively sharing and referring your products.

Manage loyalty points, purchases and coupons

Customers can login to the web-based loyalty program dashboard to redeem their points, purchase deals and save coupons for later usage.

Seamless integration with our Loyalty Program

Single login API for seamless integration of your online store with the loyalty program.

Choose activities and rewards

From the dashboard, select activities which allow customers to receive specific reward for each activity viz. Points, Coupons, Discounts & Offers.

Customer Engagement on the move

Engage with customers wherever they are. With your own white-labeled loyalty app for Android & iPhone.

Check and Redeem Loyalty Points

Customers can check his loyalty points from anywhere and redeem it at a cash counter or online.

Browse coupons and products

Browse local stores, new products and offers on the go. Save coupons into the app and Passbook.

Subscribe to Stores to receive Geo-targeted offers

When nearby, customer receives offers from stores he has subscribed to, on his smartphone.

Rewards Recommendation Engine

Intuitive Dashboard to Track & Analyze your customers' choices:

Connect to consumers, analyze preferences and behaviors to deliver relevant experiences.

Understand Engagement and Purchase Triggers:

Bridge the gap between engagement and commerce by connecting behavioral and transactional data.

Put All Your Customer Data to Work:

Integrate third party data sources and internal databases. Simplify data collection with existing plug-ins or use our APIs to pass member data to your solution of choice.

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Customer's Frontend to view and manage offers and points collected

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