Customer Loyalty Kit for Retailers.

Attract new customers with a Savings website & Geo-targeting Mobile apps and Enhance Loyalty among existing customers by offering Targeted Coupons & Activity based Reward points using Affinity360 toolkit including the Rewards Recommendation Engine & Points Redemption Apps for Web & Smartphones.

Rewards Recommendation

Intuitive Loyalty Dashboard

Create Targeted Coupons, Deals & Points for Activities from the unified dashboard. Distribute Offers to customer groups through multiple channels viz. Website, Email, Mobile apps and Social networks. Access customer Insights & Manage points, activities, users and redemption.

Rewards Recommendation

Rewards Recommendation

Deliver targeted products & offers using the Rewards Recommendation Engine. Recommends offers and products based on social & transactional data analysis & browsing behavior of your customers. Various data points viz. likes & dislikes, age group, demographics and interests.

Mobile Engagement

Mobile Engagement

Send coupons, offers and digital loyalty cards to iPhone users' Passbook app. Mobile Dashboard for users to manage their previous and current purchases using the app itself. Geo-targeted, Nearby deals. Automated offer notifications when customer is nearby.

Affinity360 is the Customer Loyalty, Rewards & Analytics kit for SMEs to create coupons, rewards and loyalty programs and attract new customers while keeping existing customers loyal with targeted offers and deals.

Franchisee Dashboard

Let each franchisee manage its own offers and deals, choose activities and set loyalty points for them, redeem points and coupons. This also gives store admin the flexibility to overlap offers from all franchisees.

Activity based Loyalty Program

Points for activities viz. Window shopping in store, Purchasing, Referring a friend, Sharing a coupon, Liking FB posts, Mentioning on Twitter, Incentivize email address opt-in, Sharing to Instagram, Checking in on Facebook or Foursquare and much more.

Customer Dashboard

User Dashboard for customers to manage their loyalty points for various activities, browse redeemable products and redeem points, view previous and current purchases, print copies of the deals they purchased and share them with their friends.

Apple Passbook integration

iPhone has an app called Passbook to store all the coupons, offers, tickets and loyalty cards. Using Coupon Manager, you can send coupons and digital loyalty cards to iPhone users and let them save them in their Passbook app.

Rewards Recommendations

Create better and more lucrative offers using our Rewards Recommendation Engine which recommends offers based on regular social data analysis of your customers' likes and dislikes, age group, demographics and interests.

Create coupons and offers

Create, Track, Analyze & Redeem your digital / printable coupons with utmost creative freedom. Add your own logo to the coupons, add name of the customer on the coupon, unique voucher ID for each coupon.

Track & Analyze social data

Track customers' history of likes and dislikes, their age group, their location, their friends and other related social data to come up with more targeted offers. Measure the Loyalty Program's effectiveness.

Coupons & Points Redemption

Customers can redeem points and coupons from their dashboard. Choose from various options viz. Discounts, Products & Gift vouchers for Redemption. Each coupon has an unique ID which prevents fraud.

Digital Loyalty Cards

Create Digital Loyalty cards for your customers and spare them the horror of carrying innumerable plastic cards. Customers can store these digital loyalty cards in their iPhone's Passbook.

  • Customer Feedback & Instant Response Toolkit
  • Seamless Mobile-based Ordering & Payment for customers
  • Multi-Channel Distribution to websites and smartphone apps
  • Branded Loyalty apps with Geo-fencing for iOS and Android
  • Customized & Branded White-label Savings website
  • Custom Integrations with POS, Analytics Tools and CRMs
  • Tech Staff Training
  • Dedicated On-site Support
  • Secure, Hack-proof

Digital Loyalty Cards

Plastics are passé. Get your customers the Digital Loyalty Cards.

Apple Passbook Integration

Digital Loyalty Cards are emailed and user can save it to their iPhone's Passbook and Google Wallets.

Load Coupons and Loyalty Points

Customers can log in to the loyalty program dashboard and load coupons and loyalty points to the Digital Loyalty Card.

Web & Mobile Dashboard for customers

Never lose your customers to competition. Engage them wherever they are.

Manage loyalty points, purchases and coupons

Customers can login to the web-based loyalty program dashboard and loyalty smartphone apps to redeem their points, purchase deals and save coupons for later usage.

Mobile Actions

Reward purchases, mobile check-ins, instagram uploads, QR scans and social sharing. Gain consumer insights for more targeted rewards and campaigns.

Geo-targeting & Push Notifications

Increase in-store traffic. Leverage location based marketing with geo-fencing, geo-targeting, SMS and push notifications.

Activity Based Rewards

Reward customers for actively sharing and referring your products.

Choose activities and rewards

From the dashboard, select activities which allow customers to receive specific reward for each activity viz. Points, Coupons, Discounts & Offers.

Seamless integration with your PoS & Online Store

APIs to seamlessly integrate your online store and PoS with our loyalty program.

Distribute rewards through multiple channels

For maximum visibility, Distribute rewards through multiple channels. Distribution channels include your website, Facebook fan pages, Automated newsletters, Email campaigns, Android and iPhone apps.

Customer Insights from the word Go

Based on captured data from multiple channels, we bring you the complete customer insights.

All customer information in one place

Access your customer's data ranging from purchases to his recent updates on social profiles, interests & demographic, and relevant product offerings, all in a single interface.

Predict Future Purchases

Predict your customers' future purchases based on data collected from users' activity on various channel including their social profiles and their past purchases.

Group your Customers for Easy Targeting

Group your customers by custom filters viz. Demographic, Interests, Purchase & Redemption frequency, Spending. Target customer groups with customized campaigns and offers.

Rewards Recommendation Engine

Intuitive Dashboard to Track & Analyze your customers' choices

Connect to consumers' data, analyze preferences and behaviors to deliver relevant experiences including rewards and product offerings.

Understand Engagement and Purchase Triggers

Bridge the gap between engagement and commerce by connecting behavioral and transactional data.

Put All Your Customer Data to Work

Integrate third party data sources and internal databases. Simplify data collection with existing plug-ins or use our APIs to pass member data to your solution of choice.

Businesses using Affinity360

Tribune Publishing

Great Deals in my City

Prends Un Risque

Case Studies & Resources

The Fault in Dunkin’ Donuts’ Loyalty Program & How they can fix it

You are a major brand with a firm customer base with revenue tipping your bank vaults. What could possibly go wrong? Taking things for granted isn’t just a death wish for relationships, it works the same way with customers as well. Consider this, Mister Loyal Customer went to a Dunkin’ Donuts store, bought some donuts and asked about the reward points system that the store followed. He was told that for every donut he bought, 12 points will be awarded to him which he could redeem later. He went home thinking an SMS would follow, it didn’t.

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Canadian Tire company Enhances its Loyalty Program

Canadian Tire’s loyalty program is going digital this October, and will complement paper Canadian Tire ‘Money’, which will remain in circulation. Shawn Stewart, Associate Vice-President, Loyalty, Canadian Tire explains the factors that prompted the expansion of the program. Loyalty programs are something Canadians are passionate about, so as we push to market with the My Canadian Tire ‘Money’ program, we are firmly positioned to communicate the power of choice the program delivers to customers, as well as the many added benefits and rewards that can be obtained by enrolling.

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Restaurant promotions that have driven sales

VIP Treatment: Domino’s Rewards Loyal Customers. The first of its kind to team up with Foursquare, Domino’s led the geo-targeting race of restaurateurs by offering a free pizza to the “Mayor” in Liverpool each week. The success of this campaign caused Domino’s to roll this restaurant promotion out to the rest of Britain.

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For a successful customer loyalty program, here’s what you need:

A well designed and run loyalty program can do a lot of magic to drive sales northward. But it is just one aspect of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Having said that, if a loyalty program is used to full effect, it should be the central pillar of that strategy. The theory of customer loyalty is quite simple: a business that retains its customers for longer usually makes more money from them at lower cost than one that is constantly paying to acquire new customers. The basic principles are simple, too: know your customers, and only reward them for behaving in the way that you want.

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